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Build a Rain Garden and reduce runoff…

Is your yard flooding? Rain gardens are an effective tool that you can use to help reduce stormwater runoff from your property. Rain Gardens are strategically placed to intercept pollutant laden stormwater runoff until it can be fully absorbed into the ground. Their design allows the rain garden to serve almost as a bowl that collects water from downspouts or overland flow across a property. The water is then able to slowly infiltrate into the underlying soil. Rain gardens can come in all different shapes and sizes but are best when planted with native plants that are indigenous to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. These plants require little maintenance once established, have deep roots that soak up lots of water, provide food and habitat to wildlife, and are beautiful.

Call the experts at F. A. Hobson Landscaping at 410-739-6800 and let us design and build you a beautiful and effective rain garden. We have our own in-house nursery and that means that our plants are already acclimated to the area and will thrive on your property. Let us show you what we can do for you…

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