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How much should you be watering?

A tip from F. A. Hobson Landscaping: How much should you be watering? Plants want a long, deep soaking. Remember those roots go far below the surface of the dirt, and so you need the water to soak through all of that soil to get to the roots. A new tree would like 10-15 gallons of water each week. Smaller perennials would like a few gallons each.
The average home garden hose delivers about 5 gallons per minute. Spend at least 30 seconds to a minute on all your big plants every time you water them, and water them at least every other day.
Concentrate on getting the soil soaked, and try not to water the leaves more than you have to. Plants don’t absorb water through their leaves. In fact, process of osmosis can leave the plants more dehydrated if you water their leaves. Also, many plants are susceptible to burning from the hot sun when their leaves get wet, which mars them with brown, dry spots.
Water in the early morning or late evening. This is the easiest time for the plant to take up the water — when it’s not being stressed by hot sun — and it’s the most efficient, since minimal water will be evaporated during these times of day.
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