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Mulching Tips:

Here’s a tip from your friends at F. A. Hobson Landscaping:
Why mulch and how much? Functionally speaking, mulch helps keep moisture where your plants need it most, at their base. It also protects the base of your plants from insect feeding which is critically important as nematode insects can wipe out an entire landscape right under your eyes.
How much? If you are mulching once a year then 2-3 inches will be enough. Just apply enough to where you cant see any of the old mulch any more but no more than that. A pitch fork is great for applying the mulch and moving it around but be careful not to overdo it. If you place too much down around the base of the plants, it’s harmful to the plant material and will cause you problems with fungus, and possibly even the death of the plant. Plus, if you go thicker than necessary you are just wasting money in mulch, and unnecessary work.
If its been a couple of years since you have re-mulched, then you will need to go thicker, say 4″-5″. All of the mulch in your beds will biodegrade to bare soil in 3-4 years time. So the longer you wait between redressing the beds, the more mulch you will have to replace.
If you aren’t sure and want it done right, call us and we can do plantings and properly mulch to have your beds looking perfect: 410-739-6800.
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