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Rain Gardens save the day…

Do you have minor flooding problems? Try building a “Rain Garden”.
When building a rain garden, place plants with the highest wet-soil tolerance in the center. Those at the edge will drain fairly quickly while the middle remains submerged.
Using native plants is best whenever possible. They require little to no watering in between rainfall, making a more low-maintenance yard and cutting down on the need for harmful pesticides.
Although similar to “swales” (the roadside ditches, etc), rain gardens don’t redirect water. Instead, they provide a place for it to pool during a downpour. This will allow the water to slowly drain back into the soil.
Most range from 50-100 square feet. Even a small, inexpensive one can significantly reduce flooding and runoff.
Let the experts at F. A. Hobson Landscaping design and build you the perfect functional and attractive Rain Garden. Call us at 410-739-6800 and let us explain more…
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