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Water in the Garden

water-garden-1“Water is the driver of nature”.(Leonardo DaVinci)

Imagine a place where you can kick back in your hammock, listening to the soothing bubbling of water caressing the smooth rocks of a gurgling brook. The gentle sound of a waterfall or a cascade of water over an urn gives a sense of healing, relieving the daily stress of the day and is most relaxing. You notice the lush vegetation all around; pick up on the different textures and colors of foliage and flowers peeking out here and there. A wonderful fragrance of flowers and plants drifts through the water garden waking up your senses. You lay your head back down and look up through the dappled shade of a very graceful Japanese Maple tree and you follow the points of light from the sun streaming down through the branches, warmth that makes your skin glow. Your eyes squint to see all that you miss when not in this idyllic setting. You look up and through the swaying branches, you see blue sky painted with beautiful, white fluffy clouds of different shapes and sizes and you drift off into that peaceful place as you did when you were a child, a place to dream, a wonderful place to be on a summer’s day.

Here at F.A. Hobson Landscaping, located on the eastern shore of Maryland, we draw inspiration from nature. We can create a perfect place for you, your family, and friends to enjoy with the element of water. Waterfalls and streams that are natural or formed, informal overflowing urns, formal fountains, gurgling brooks, trickling intimate flowing fountains, naturalistic swimming pools, tropical grottos, and Japanese inspired water gardens all create a sense of pleasure and tranquility.

Water features can be simple and relatively inexpensive to build depending
on size and complexity. Average costs for a water feature start at approximately $2,000.00 and can go up from there based on what size, complexity and what materials you would like to use.

Yes, there is some maintenance when one has a water feature. Maintenance can be as little as once a year on a fountain to emptying a skimmer basket once a week and clean out a pond in the early spring. We believe in having a mini eco system that is balanced so problems don’t develop. Aquatic plantings are very important to maintain the balance in a pond.

Water features can be very enjoyable with minimal maintenance and at an affordable price. Take a look at our gallery of water features to learn more.

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