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Native plants…

“Why plant natives?” We hear this question a lot, along with ‘What are native plants?”
We like Native Plants for several reasons:
Low Maintenance… A Native Landscape requires a lot less time and effort to keep attractive than manicured lawns or mulch-covered ornamental beds. Native plantings are installed in such a way that, once established, the plant material will cover the entire bed, eliminating the need for yearly mulching, greatly reducing the amount of weeds that can invade, and rarely needing extra irrigation or spraying of chemicals.
Promote the natural ecosystem…through years of landscaping with non-natives and creating great expanses of perfect lawns, we have pushed out the indigenous material of our area, and introduced invasive plants that destroy habitat for the birds, animals and reptiles that live here. By reintroducing native species, we are returning the land to what it is meant to be.
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Cozy Point in Easton Maryland

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