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Nothing lasts like a patio from F.A. Hobson Landscaping…

As horizontal surfaces, decks retain water, ice and snow for prolonged periods of time, accelerating damage to dimensional stability. The dampness attracts pollen and fungi spores which collect and cause ugly discoloration. And, decks are subject to 40 – 50 % more direct sunlight than comparable vertical surfaces. This results in unique thermal stresses to the wood. For example, on sunny summer days, the temperature on a deck floor board can vary as much as 50º F between the sun-exposed top surface and the damp, shaded underside. In addition, decks are subject to foot traffic, physical wear and tear, ground-in dirt and food stains.

“Pressure-Treated” Does Not Mean Weatherproofed…

In most areas, over 80% of decks are constructed with pressure-treated lumber, (usually pine) which has been injected with a chemical compound that protects it against rot and decay from termites and other wood destroying insects. But pressure-treating does not provide weather protection for the surface. In fact, it actually makes the wood surface more porous – even more susceptible to moisture damage. To combat moisture damage, a water repellent coating should be applied to the wood surface to prevent moisture absorption and, ultimately, dimensional change, or worse, structural failure.

Our staff can properly select and install a wide range of natural and man-made stone products that will last and look amazing. The weather in Maryland can be harsh on your patio, walkway, and deck. Go with the best material possible to keep your property looking its best. Call F. A. Hobson Landscaping and let us show you what we can do – 410-739-6800.


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