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Ponds and Waterfalls

If you’re interested in a beautiful backyard pond and even a small waterfall to offer years of peaceful pleasure and joy to your Delmarva home living experience, look no further than F.A. Hobson Landscaping.

There are lots of do-it-yourself schemes to building a backyard pond or waterfall, but if you’re not experienced, it can be tricky to have it done just the way you want.

A professional landscape company can offer backyard pond construction, including waterfall, fish, lighting and more for your New Jersey home so that you can experience exactly what you envision without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls are Good Investments

Backyard pond designs and waterfalls will increase the worth of your home, all the while bettering your daily backyard experience. From the very beginning to its full, flourishing glory, a backyard pond and waterfall can offer:

  • Incredible value to your living experience

  • Creative expression with items like bird baths, baskets and decorative pottery, beautiful statues and specialized art

  • Plants around your pond and waterfall that continue to develop and mature throughout the years

  • An experience of watching your pond change, grow, flourish and evolve into a fully developed mini-ecosystem right in your own back yard

Water gardens provide a source of tremendous pride and relaxation. Whether it’s a full pond or pondless waterfall, the sound of water in natural movement offers beauty and retreat from the stresses of life right in your backyard. Backyard ponds and waterfalls offer both personal solace and inspiration as well as an impressive source of fun for friends and family.

Consider Going Pondless

Pondless waterfalls offer:

  • Beautiful pieces of stonework with water pumped from basin to head

  • The esthetic and comforting sound of water trickling down the stonework

  • Reduced or now maintenance as there is no pond to clean

Because pondless waterfalls can offer such exquisite beauty while keeping it low maintenance, a pondless waterfall might be just what you need.

Backyard Ponds are Easy to Maintain

Specialized filtration systems have greatly improved water quality and any maintenance is next to nothing. On top of that, the cleaning process of pond filters in the fall time to keep algae and micro-organisms at bay is also easy. Adding water plants to protect the surface from the sun and keep certain algae from growing. And when the weather is turning you can easily clear your pond of leaves, debris and some overgrowth by draining it and cleaning the sludge from the bottom.

Garden Ponds & Backyard Waterfalls are good for the Environment

Beautiful backyard ponds and waterfalls are good for the environment as well as for your spirit. Your pond can be something you can dip your toes into for a nice cooling source of relaxation as well as providing a special mini-ecosystem for native plants, fish and visiting birds.

F.A. Hobson Landscaping can help you carefully plan your backyard pond construction project from start to finish. One of our designers will initially meet with you and give you a comprehensive site analysis with a variety of backyard pond designs to choose from, followed by a fully developed pond design to transform your outdoor home into your very own sanctuary.  Call 410-739-6800 and off we go…

Escape with an FA Hobson Waterscape!

Escape with an F.A. Hobson Waterscape…!

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