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Winter lawn care…

Many people might assume that there isn’t much you can do for your lawn during the cold months of winter, but this isn’t necessarily the case. You can prepare your yard for the coming of spring by taking a few simple but important steps that will make spring gardening that much better with the return of warmer temperatures.

All of your perennials could use a good pruning, and it is at this point that you want to remove any remaining weeds in your lawn and garden. Most trees and shrubs will benefit from a trimming also. After you have completed these tasks, your garden beds will need a good raking to remove any debris that has accumulated. These rakings are perfect for your composting area if you are using one and, if not, it is important to dispose of this material properly to prevent the spreading of any disease that may be present.

Next up, edge your garden beds to clearly define the border between your landscaping and your lawn. Doing this edging also prevents your grass from growing into the mulching too. Edging your lawn adds sharp contrast and definition, leading to a refined and groomed look that will add definition to your yard’s appearance when spring returns.

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